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A Perfect Stranger
by Lily  Tchen

I look at you from far away,
To you, I am just a perfect stranger.
Never would I be in your life 
And share the joy and happiness
You constantly carry with you.
I would never be the one 
You see when you close your eyes,
Nor the girl you would ever pause
To look at and say to yourself, 
"God!  She is so beautiful!"
I'd never be the person
You'd pick up your pencil 
And write love notes to
Or send flowers on Valentine's Day.
Because to you,
I am a perfect stranger.
But, what you are to me, you'll never know.
You make up who I am.
When I see you walking past me,
I would pause and smell the scent
You carry with you in the air…
The scent that takes over my body
And swallows up my soul.
I always secretly look into your eyes
And hope for the day when
I will see my own reflection in them.
When I pick up my pencil,
I always end up finding myself
Writing love poems about you…
Poems I would never have 
The courage to walk up to you
And place them in your hands.
Unlike all the other girls,
I only see you once a day,
Sometimes even not at all.
So, for every time I find myself
Anywhere near you,
I am thankful for that moment.
*Sigh* ...but why does it matter?
Because, after all, I am still
A perfect stranger.

Poem ID: 30814   Poem Posted: 4/25/2000
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