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by   Kin.

I wish I could go away
  ...just fly.
If they don't care
  Then why should I?

Sometimes the trigger-- I wanna pull it
  Die, end it all with a bullet.
And just when I'm very close to the edge,
  trying hard not to lose my head

I looked up and say: "God, why?
  I work hard and I try,
to forget all that's happened
  and move on, ignoring everyone's habits."

Then, I hear a voice,
  That leaves me with no choice.
It says:
  "I know it might be strenuous, and times are hard.

Just keep the faith, and believe in God.
  Plus... you owe it to yourself,
And don't forget your friends."

  That's when I open my eyes
And know I'd rather live.
  Even if everyone takes...
I'm gonna give.

  I'm gonna give of my faith,
I'm gonna give of me.
  I'm gonna give of everything,
whatever it takes to make people see-

That my emotions aren't a game,
  they'd better remember my name.
'coz I'm gonna come back
  And I'm gonna make them respect me.

I've learned that self-confidence,
  Wins you a big audience.
So I'mma be strong,
  and I'mma fight.

Then, what everyone couldn't do
   ...I just might.

Poem ID: 28309   Poem Posted: 3/10/2000
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Copyright , 31/1/2000, Kin.  all rights reserved by the author.
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