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H.W.P.the 4th
by Danielle Nicole Newman

Life, as we knew it..
Can you laugh it all away?
You're beginning to show it..
A little more everyday.

Is there any sunshine 
On your 'drug' side of the world?
Do you have flowers and rivers,
Rabbits and squirrels?

Is the grass really greener?
Or is it just a lie?
Does it really last forever?
I'm sure it must die.

Do you fly a kite in the wind?
Go out and kiss the rain?
Can you smile at your shadow?
Hold the hand of pain?

Do you listen when you're lonely?
Is that the only time?
Or do you like the silence,
Even when you're fine?

Do you care that we worry
About your gentle skin?
Wanting "it" back 
Not knowing where to begin.

Looking out the window,
Remembering "when"
Such a thin line between...
Now and Then.

And, so, do you really miss it;
(The way it used to be.)
It seems you're longing for steel bars...
You don't want to be free.

But if you let me give you
A word of advice.
Please take it seriously...
    You only get one life!

Poem ID: 2772   Poem Posted: 5/4/1998
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