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An Evening Rose
by Cary W. Tucker

A sharp silhouette in the ballroom door, 
A shadowy figure across the floor, 
A graceful movement away from the wall, 
A glance as she paused to survey the hall, 
And then she became a beautiful sight, 
A rose that blooms in the evening light. 

A glowing gardenia graced her tress, 
A garden of flowers grew on her dress. 
Such beauty and grace should inspire a chance, 
But I hesitated to ask her to dance, 
In fearing the thorns I might find that night, 
On the rose that blooms in the ev'ning light.
No sweet scent of roses was ever sensed, 
Nor petal caressed without risk commenced. 
So feeling the pain outweighed by the prize, 
Looked into a beautiful pair of eyes, 
And asked to have the next dance, if I might, 
With the rose that blooms in the ev'ning light.

Poem ID: 27205   Poem Posted: 3/13/2000
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Rose and Rhyme Sweets Message in a Bottle Flowers

Copyright , 1999, Cary W. Tucker  all rights reserved by the author.
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