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Have you ever felt love slipping
by   Bill

Have you ever felt love slipping,
Just slowly slipping each day?
Like the leaf when it is dying,
It withers and withers away.

You try to recall the moment
When you knew that love had died.
Was it me who didn’t love? 
No!  But it was me who wept and cried.

For I thought my love could conquer
The doubts you held within.
But your love was lost or dying
And your soul I ne’er could win;

For your heart yearned for another
And I never could compete.
But the love I felt in you
Left my heart and soul replete.

So, I wish you every happiness
For the life you long to live
While the love you hold within you
To another man you’ll give.

Though pain now walks beside me
And joy is distant past,
The image of your face
No vista could surpass.

I feel honoured to have loved you
And honoured that you cared,
For in a brief ecstatic moment
I dreamt and hoped and shared.

I heard beauty in children’s laughter
And in the wonderment of you,
For I loved you as no other,
I only hope you knew.

Poem ID: 26106   Poem Posted: 1/17/2000
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