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by Gina L Raymond

I tell you I Love You, and you ask me why?  
Well I'm gonna tell you, at least I'll try.  
You bring me sunshine on my rainy days.  
You make my life bright colors instead of grays.
You give me love like I've never known. 
More than anyone else has ever shown.  
Your green eyes sparkle and shine, 
which lets me know you're all mine.  

You taught me alot since we've been together.
Your love and kindness, I'll cherish forever. 
It's your smile, your charm, your ideas, and your dreams.
But it goes far beyond these things 
as sure as the stars and the heavens above.  
It's the way you let me give you my love. 
You gave me all of the things I looked so hard to find.
That's why I love You so.
Will you be my Valentine dear?

Poem ID: 25660   Poem Posted: 1/8/2000
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Copyright , Febuary 1989,  all rights reserved by the author.
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