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More Time
by Paul  Fearn

Two minutes, just two minutes more,
Two minutes ain't a lifetime
Please, don't go through the door.

Just give me time to say the things,
     for which I had no time,
Two minutes more, please stay with me
     be close, be here, be mine.

Now, hold my hand and touch the warmth
     of what I feel for you,
To let you leave, depart, retreat,
     is difficult to do.

Yes, you're right, it's getting late
     and time moves swiftly on,
But you've been here just briefly
     and soon you will be gone.

One minute, just one minute left
One minute isn't long to wait,
Please, don't leave just yet.

Once you've gone, I'm on my own
     you know it's you I'll miss,
Just hold me close, be here with me
     allow me one more kiss.

Please don't dismiss the words I use
     to tell you how I feel,
Don't question, just accept it
     I'm telling you it's real.

Smile at me, listen close
     have a little faith,
Please unlock your feelings
     with me they will be safe.

I'm not here for one quick trip,
     part time, or a one way journey,
I'll be here, long term, for you
     until, of me, you're weary.
Half a minute, just half a minute to go
Half a minute will pass quite quick,
Are you sure you have to go.

I'm alone... you've gone... you've left...
     reluctantly I hope,
I'm left with vivid thoughts of you
     at least to help me cope.

Don't worry though, I'll survive,
     'till next time, 'cos I care,
All I ask of you, you know,
     is that you need me there.

Poem ID: 239   Poem Posted: 11/14/1997
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