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An Alphabetical Poem
by Alyssa Anne Vitry

All this I feel that I must say
Before you decide to walk away.
Come here and let me whisper in
Deep thoughts that I had once hidden.
Ever alert for the chance to fix,
forgiving and forgetting all the stones and the sticks.
Giving the love we always will yearn,
Having the love that somehow I learned.
Igniting a passion that once, we thought, died...
Just my excitement is locked safe inside.
Keeping ahold on my wild-girl ways,
Letting the best of me lead on through my days.
Maybe you'll find that, deep in your heart,
Not to stop what you're good at before you even start
Opposing your mind to let love lead on,
Pushing aside reason before love, our love, has gone.
Quieting the sounds of our friends who oppose...
Resting together until you propose.
Secretly vowing our love won't run out;
Testing our love by withstanding our doubt.
Using our time just as much as we can,
Very successfully and greatly planned.
Willingly we will live happy as one;
X-rays will prove that we'll never be undone.
Youths we were once, but now we have grown,
Zapping our past with the winds that have blown.

Poem ID: 23381   Poem Posted: 11/26/1999
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Copyright , 11-21-99, Alyssa Anne Vitry  all rights reserved by the author.
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