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by Cynthia  WildRose

While the whispering willows silently weep, 
I close my eyes awaiting sleep. 
Knowing soon I shall die, 
the wish to do so I cannot deny.

I seek only a long night's relief, 
no matter how brief. 
I seek only somewhere to go, 
where the pain I will not know.

The fireflies, they dance in my head, 
trying to make me get out of bed. 
Please make them go away, 
I do not wish to play today.

The people, they talk and laugh with glee, 
to finally be rid of me. 
I see them come and I see them go, 
but one thing they do not know.

You finally hurt me this bad,
I am more than just sad.
Now I know I must go.
This pain called love will only grow.

I am not gone for good, 
not the way I really should. 
Will I forever be in this hell? 
There is no way to tell.

Just let them soon come for me. 
Please let my soul be set free. 
As the whispering willows silently weep, 
I only ask for my final sleep.

As the whispering willows silently weep, 
I only ask for my final sleep. 

Poem ID: 23285   Poem Posted: 10/2/2001
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Copyright , 1998, Cynthia WildRose  all rights reserved by the author.
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