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Together Again
by Paul  Fearn

A single tear sits on her cheek
Created by her thoughts, so bleak
Like orange glow from dying ember
Last thoughts of him, she can remember

She sits and waits until she tires
Eye's ablaze like burning fires
In his old chair so creased and worn   
Her posture there is so forlorn     

Her hair- a mess, her clothes- all tattered
As if her looks no longer mattered
She sees his face in picture frame
She parts her lips and calls his name

The room is dark and, oh, so cold
Her body slows; too weak, too old
Her failing breath her stopping heart          
Takes her to him, no longer death do part

Poem ID: 2296   Poem Posted: 3/9/1998
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Copyright , March 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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