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A Simple Dream
by Alyssa Anne Vitry

Last night when all the world lay dead;
As pleasant dreams, to some, were led.
I laid alone and dreamed a dream
Of things unspoken and unseen.

I dreamed a dream of endless skies
And different people's different lives.
I was given pictures of their days
And taught about their different ways.

I saw each one in different light
As I laid in bed last night.
And each one spoke to me a phrase,
I know, I will know 'til dying days.

And waking from my bed at night
Not knowing why, yet filled with fright;
I heard the phrase again once more
And stepped from my bed, then to my floor.

The simple words that had stirred my soul
Soon gave me cause for sane control.
For as I looked around my room
I saw the light pour from the moon.

And then the spoken words were clear,
"How can one be loved, if they are never near?"
And so again to sleep I went
With all my strength gone and spent.

And in the dreams that after came
I remembered the words that had called my name.
And waking this morning to a gentle warm sun
My old life was gone and a new had begun.

I jumped into my car and headed towards home:
The home of she I loved and had left alone.
And waking her with kisses and sorrowful tears
I remembered all the pain I had caused her for years.

I told her I was sorry and then she hugged me dear.
Now I knew I was loved and she knew I was near.
So in case you know you are wrong
And want to find what has long been gone;

Remember it is never too late for a phrase
That you can find in a dream and remember all your days.

Poem ID: 22062   Poem Posted: 8/19/2001
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Copyright , 10-11-99, Alyssa Anne Vitry  all rights reserved by the author.
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