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Should This Be Love?
by   Dr.Who3

  Should the feathered tips
of love's great wings
brush gently 'cross my heart
to bring me nearer Heaven's door
and wed my soul in part?
  Should this be love
that pulls my heart in two,
supplanting all I am inside
with dreams and wishes yet untried?
  Should this be love for you?
  Should I love you
in spite of all the reasons not to?
  Should I throw away 
all the passion in my soul
that cries for want and lack of you?
  Should I forswear the tenderness
I try so very hard to hide 
whenever you are near?
  Should my spirit tear itself in twain 
to separate from you?
  Should I nail my soul upon the tree 
of wisdom and convention
  or should I, with wild abandon, 
snatch the rose and hold it dear
and if a thorn doth bring a tear,
  should this be love?
   My heart, much like a drunkard,
skips and dances, 
giddy with the scent and chances
of your touch, your breath;
like wine, enhances 
all my wayward thoughts of old.
  Should this be love, so near to death,
that makes me more than bold
to reach to grasp the shiny ring
and hope that it is gold?
   Should this be love
which drives me on to seek
your face and voice,
as if I were a lamb so meek
without a sovereign choice?
   Should this be love?

Poem ID: 21972   Poem Posted: 11/4/1999
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