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Black Woman
by Marcus M. Donald

The essence of man, 
truly his backbone.
When she leaves for short periods, 
he feels helpless and alone.

Can give strength to a nation, 
cause jealousy in friends.
Love, honesty and courage... 
qualities she'll have to the bitter end.

Her smile is like a rainbow, 
her tears like the rain.
She's heavenly and sensual
(Sometimes Phenomenal stays on the brain.)

Part of the living universe... 
maker of everything real.
A preacher,
A teacher,
A Lover, a friend and sometimes a foe.

Doesn't shame the truth to save the devil.
Will tell you what she knows.
The essence of man!
More men should believe...

That if it weren't for the black woman,
The black man couldn't achieve!

Poem ID: 21235   Poem Posted: 10/28/2001
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Copyright , 1997, Marcus M. Donald  all rights reserved by the author.
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