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unhappy little girl
by Danielle  O'Callaghan

Hell is where I am, so dark, so cold, so lonely
No one else is here, I am the one and only

I sit here in the dark and think of my sad life 
I should have ended it all when I had the knife

Why was I the chosen one- taken to this place?
Maybe, 'cuz to people I mean nothing, I was born the world to disgrace

I hurt inside real badly, no one cares to see my tears
I have no happy feelings in me, I haven't for 16 years.

Nothing makes me happy, that's not the way it goes 
I hide all my pain with a fake smile... I'll never let it show

People will never see exactly who I am 
And even if they cared to try, they'd never understand

So for now, I'll sit here all alone, isolated from the world
forever lifeless, depressed and full of tears... 
                                     an unhappy little girl

Poem ID: 21069   Poem Posted: 10/14/1999
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Copyright , 9/9/99, Danielle O'Callaghan  all rights reserved by the author.
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