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When The Angel Sleeps
by Dennis Justin Fontaine

When darkness falls and the earth grows still
The moon will begin to rise,
The candles of heaven will begin to burn
And the angel will close her eyes.

As the crickets call throughout the night
The angel will slowly begin to drift asleep
The crickets sing her a lullabye
And in her mind, dreams will creep.

With her head raised upon a pillow, which we both will share,
I will pull the covers over her body to keep her warm,
I will kiss her goodnight with such gentle care.
I will hold her gently so nightmares will do no harm.

As she sleeps throughtout the thickening night
The candles of heaven will continue to shine.
Staying awake and watching her dream
I will whisper to thank God that she is mine.

As she sleeps and dreams her happy dreams
I will stay awake and watch her sleep,
For if the covers should fall off of her
Who else would be there to cover her feet?

As she sleeps she seems so fragile
So I am careful not to cause her to wake.
I do not want to disturb her when she sleeps
For she seems like fragile glass which will easily break.

The earth will be silent and the earth will be still
And the crickets, they will sing,
And candles of heaven will burn through the night
When my angel sleeps.

Poem ID: 20831   Poem Posted: 5/28/2003
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