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The Impossible Dream
by Selena  Rae

One minute you love me
and the next you're not sure.
Why can't you just make up your mind
and stop playing tricks on this heart of mine?
How much longer am I expected
to stand in this storm
and let this thunder strike fear in my heart
while the lightning attacks my soul?

I've loved you since the day
your smile became my control.
You used to need me more than 
the very air you breathe.
You didn't want to live
unless it was through my eyes...
But soon after it fades,
the music dies with your devotion
and it's back to the seperating of souls.

Every time you take a step back
I'm forced to pick up another piece
of the many slivers of glass
that resemble my once-whole heart.
And you ask why I am so serious,
why can't I take it a little easier?
But I don't know how to love a little
and I've never been able
to put half my heart into anything.

One day maybe I'll understand
One day maybe I'll see what I look like
through your eyes,
But until then I will continue to dream
The Impossible Dream.

 *Dedicated to Will Wise "Make up your Mind"

Poem ID: 20830   Poem Posted: 10/5/1999
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Copyright , August 31 1999, Selena Rae  all rights reserved by the author.
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