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Affected Me
by Anonymous Web Poet

I swear it all never affected me -
Being molested by a girl
When I was a small child,

Being rejected by the 
First girl that I loved,
Being tormented growing up for being

No, it never affected me at all.
So why is it so hard for me to 
Be happy? 

Why am I always
Looking over my shoulder? 
Why are my children the only ones 
I think will never hurt me? 

Why was it so hard to believe that my woman or
Any woman 
Could love me?

Am I 
Worthy of Love? 

Where is all of the 
Coming from? 

Maybe I need to let go, 
Maybe I NEED to let go! 
No, I don't need to do anything because 

All of that 
Affected me. 

It's normal to sit home alone 
in... The Dark

Poem ID: 18905   Poem Posted: 8/6/1999
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