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The Book of our Life
by Edouard  Melanson

The book of our life was the best book I ever read.
The best chapters will always stay in my head.
You may not remember how it went,
For me it was time well spent.

The author was no other than God.
Even though sometimes he wrote a little bit odd,
He wrote it the best he could.
And I'm so glad because I prayed he would.

The chapter on the high school prom
And the one on our first date, when I met your dad and mom.
The chapter on our romantic walk on the beach,
and the time I massaged your pretty feet.

Those chapters will remain in my head;
Although they sometimes make me cry, when I lie alone in bed.
Even after I've hurt so much, it may be hard to think,
I'm glad God took the time to dip his pen in the ink.

A love story like no other,
Felt like it would last forever.
Like every book I've read, it had to end sometime.
Even though it felt our love for each other was sublime.

God, I have a few questions...
Why did the friendship end in contradictions?
Why doesn't she want me to be her friend,
After all the closeness we had back then?

I can't ever read this book again, even if I wanted to.
Unlike other books, this one has been closed for good by you.
From every book they say, you can learn something new,
Unfortunately you have to stop reading to realize it's true.

Poem ID: 18404   Poem Posted: 7/18/1999
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Copyright , July 18 1999,  all rights reserved by the author.
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