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Love Zone
by Sunday B. Fakus

A place, where two hearts beat as one
Where the horizon meets the ocean
Where the moon kisses the sky
There I lay down in your gentle arms.

A day, when I first heard the melody of your voice
When chills suddenly ran through my veins
When I thought I was gradually going insane
A day so vivid...I canít get out of my brain.

A spot, where we constantly love to embrace
Where past memories would totally be erased
Without which we would always feel ashamed
There I always love to see your face.

A time, when love meets love in the Blue Ocean of life
When with great pleasure and desire love appeared
When heaven and earth seemed to collide
When I had my breath in the comfort of your heart.

A zone, where, through love, I always feel at home
Where with you... I would never feel alone
Where love sits on a romantic, heavenly throne...
Where I finally decided to make you my own.

Poem ID: 18041   Poem Posted: 7/20/1999
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Copyright , June 20, 1999, Sunday B. Fakus  all rights reserved by the author.
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