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I Promise You
by Carl  Copsey

A frozen chill runs through my soul
How it hurts to be left alone
Caught in a tangled web of lies
To myself love I've denied

You were there all the while
Waiting for me through every mile
It took me too long to realize you'd be gone
When I said it was over, I didn't know I'd be wrong

It took me some time to know where I stand 
Now I see what I didn't believe was true
How cruel I was all those times to you
Baby, it'll be better this time, I promise you

I was the fool who believed 
That I only wanted to be free
It took me to lose you to find what I lost
I beg for forgiveness, on bended knee I fall

You never failed to show me love
Which I always took advantage of
I rarely gave you those feelings in return
After you're hurt, it's my pain that now burns

Baby, look away from my eyes
I don't want you to see me cry
But don't turn away from me, you're all I see
An image of love, of destiny

You told me we'd wait and see
Each day I'm waiting is one more day I'm hating
Let's go with what we feel, seize the moment now
I know you love me, I will never let you down

If He decides to take one of us tomorrow
It would be more than just pain and sorrow
To never have held you again in this life
Or waiting for you in Heaven's distant light

Poem ID: 17900   Poem Posted: 7/12/1999
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Copyright , 06/05/99, Carl David Copsey  all rights reserved by the author.
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