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From Love to Hate
by Charles Alexander Weese

Like the sleeping newborn, my innocence was true,
But all that changed the moment I met you.

Such a splendid life, I thought to myself,
Blinded by love, not knowing my need for help.

Each morning I awoke with thoughts of you,
Denying the facts of the scandalous deeds you do.

I gave you my soul, even my trust,
And you threw it away for one night of futile lust.

I was strangled by the tangled web you weaved.
And it's lucky for you I gave more than I received.

A garment of love covered my eyes,
making it impossible to see through your lies.

I must admit, at times you were great,
but your deceitful ways turned my love to hate.

Poem ID: 17184   Poem Posted: 7/8/1999
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