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by Sunday B. Fakus

Iím a simple woman of pride
With a wealth of experience about men
Iíve been with men of many races
And men of various personalities

One I left because he had no job
Lazy and poor as a street rat he was
A scrub without a sense of purpose
A lay about with no hope for the future

The other was screwed because he was cheap
Weak and flimsy as a dead leaf
Everyday, he gave me million excuses
Of why he wasn't so strong

Still another was nailed because of aggression
A macho man who cannot treat a woman right
He baptized me with series of abuses
And treated me like a pig in the mud

The last one was dumped because he couldnít commit
A weakling who love to chase everything in skirts
A shameless womanizer, a hopeless cheater he's
Who thought he could mess up my mind with his wealth

Back and forth players eroded my way
But now Iím lonely with no one to call my own
Between these men whom shall I choose?
Iím confused, I just donít know what to do

From experience I have come to realize
That a perfect man is yet to be born
All the mistakes I have made in the past
Will be rectified if I have another chance

Right now, I have come to understand that
When in love you must close one eye
To all faults and weaknesses of a lover...
For thatís why they say love is blind

Still lonely, I want to be loved
By a man who can satisfy my needs
Not a scrub but one with a tender feeling
And knowledge of how to please a woman

Poem ID: 16684   Poem Posted: 7/6/1999
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Copyright , April 8, 1999, Sunday B. Fakus  all rights reserved by the author.
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