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A Broken Soul
by Alyssa Anne Vitry

When all light is dark
And sky is gray
I fear you'll wish me 
Not to stay.
Rip from my chest,
A heart so worn.
Beat from my breast,
A soul that's worn.

Some endless night:
Dark clouds, no moon,
Deep unknown pits
Which bear my doom.
That sacred darkness
Controlled by pain,
Disguised by hate,
Unknown by name.

A secret blanket
Which holds me tight;
No longer to feel
What is wrong or right.
That heart you hold,
A piece of art,
Can't stop its love
That's been torn apart.

So, away to the night
When all light is dark...
To the twilight of dawn,
The sun's littlest spark...
To the arms of the heavens...
My last place to turn.
Pain, love and lessons
I'll conquer and learn.

So draw up my chin,
Take back my heart.
Learn where we stopped,
Find where I start.
Then check out the living
Before I am dead.
And not think of the reasons
Why to some, I am led.

Poem ID: 14681   Poem Posted: 6/17/1999
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Copyright , May 2,1999, Alyssa Anne Vitry  all rights reserved by the author.
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