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Never Let Go
by Kimberly Dawn Johnson

Wrap your arms around me
Make a promise to never let go
In your arms is my place of safety
Let me escape to this destination filled 
With happiness and love.
It is in your embrace I fill with joy
It is your holding time seems to stop 
Existence was created only for us.
With your arms wrapped tightly around me
Images of our future swarm through my head 
The strong hold gives me a promise
Of the days to come.
The days where we will never
Have to put a distance
Between our love.
Now, kiss my lips, make the vow
You will never let me go.
With every touch of your lips
A sensation passes through me.
No one kiss is identical to the next
Giving the gift of our lips 
Touching a uniqueness
With each occurence.
The world spins beneath my feet
Butterflies flutter in my stomach.
The incredible feeling of love
Engulfs my entire body
Allowing me to feel only you.
Now, take my hand 
Never let me go 
Walk with me through this journey.
Grip my hand tightly
Even as we stand far apart.
With our fingers tightly intertwined 
We grasp onto our future together
Facing every bump and curve in the road 
Promising the future.
Hold my heart in your hands and know
I am your eternity 
I will never let you go.

Poem ID: 14340   Poem Posted: 5/5/1999
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Copyright , Feb.1999, Kimberly Dawn Johnson  all rights reserved by the author.
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