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by Avery  Robertson

I feel his voice calling
from across this distance wide.
Every letter formed within this heat,
burns to draw me to his side.
Time grips firm our lonely souls,
circumstance keeps our paths apart,
denying the minds deep desire to flow, 
fast and fierce inside our hearts.
Empty wishes pass quickly
thru solitary lives,
months pass into years,
still inside us, passion cries.
All I needed was a holding-on 
to the dreaming in my head.
You, thousands of brutal miles away
is the reality I got instead.
Deafening silences breaking
cruely thru days when you'd stray,
casting a lingering death-like pall,
which covers my skin to this day.
His voice still searches for mine,
calling me quietly by name,
I close my eyes wishing I could
banish the memories and the blame.
Wanting the storm to surround me,
needing his burning touch so deep,
to hear him beckon me, "come"....
never needing again to sleep.
Thru the unexpected twists and turns
two soul-mates are forever lost
within the lust of earthly pleasures;
fools who never figured the cost.
Remember us in the darkest of nights,
try to forgive our blindness,
cry us some tears...
for giving away lifetimes...
not merely years.

Poem ID: 12958   Poem Posted: 4/24/1999
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