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Here I Am
by   gman

caffeine-rich but sugar-free
Saturday night without a life.
I find myself here and all alone
with my bitter coffee (coffeehouse 
is out of sugar,
simply inconceivable).
A Reggae love song, that I donít even like,
invades my soul via
tempanic membranes and
cold rainy nights,
moves my heavy soul just enough
to make me think of You
(damn Bob Marley!).

And now Iím wanting some
good French wine,
a Swedish dinner,
a long Scandinavian night with
a fire
and a blanket
and a sappy love story
on VHS
with auto-tracking
and nobody home
except... You.
Hell, forget the dinner,
we could even forget the
long Scandinavian night,
because any night would work,
all the nights,
some kind of night
like tonight
of all nights-
tonight I miss You
with all of my
caffeine-enhanced being,
I miss You.

So, I take all of that 
sloppy feeling,
spilling a bit on this paper,
and save the rest until
I see You again.

Feeling, like good French wine,
grows better with age,
and I want to give to You
the sweetest, most mature
love I can,

Poem ID: 12481   Poem Posted: 3/26/1999
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Copyright , February 1999, Robert Gerald Gonzalez  all rights reserved by the author.
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