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Letting go is hard sometimes!!
by Lauren F Anderson

I know you have to leave me
And things will never be the same.
The tears won't stop falling
And all I feel is pain.

I will never forget the fun times we had
But now all that is left are memories-
Those will never fade. 
I just have to think about the past;
It's the only way to make those good times last.

Life's full of ups and downs;
I guess I just have to deal.
I'm not sure how you did it
But my heart you did steal.

Your words are sweet and kind;
This is something I never thought I'd find.
My happiness just seems to be slowly fading away
And everything would be different now
If only you could stay.

I guess that's why I hate to get attached,
Because I'll be caught in this dreadful trap
And in the end, alone again,
My mind just might snap.

I remember the first time I saw you.
I told Liz you would be mine.
And sooner or later you were, all you needed was time.
I want so much for you to have the feelings I do
And for you to understand me
And me to understand you, too.    
I just wish you could hold me forever
And never let me go.
Maybe we can be together again... 
I wish I could know.

There are many questions to ponder in my mind
And many answers I hope to eventually find.  
Sometimes letting go of things is very hard to do.
There's no regret from me and I hope none from you.

I know this isn't love but everything before.
I wish I could see my future and what I have in store.

Poem ID: 11807   Poem Posted: 3/3/1999
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