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Young Suicidal
by Terri-Lyn Christa Keats

My world was so screwed
Everything was a mess
I felt like running
But found nothing, only wilderness,
I fooled myself too much
Thought I could get both
But I finally figured it all out 
I needed to fly the most

I figured out that all the pain in life
Goes mostly to the heart
Then as you hit the ground
Your world just falls apart
I figured out how cruel it can be
And how life pretty much ruins it all
But I guess there's nothing I can do now
No one was there to break my fall

People said it would never change
But I wouldn't listen to friends
They said that I will only get hurt
God, I sure fooled them
For I was the one who let myself down
Who never showed how much it killed
I swore, I cursed, I said it all
It all emptied and then it all filled

These tears have been here for days now
And I think they'll be here forever more
If I don't let go of all the hurt and pain
My body will be broken and torn
But you two were the ones with style
You never let me down
I hate to see this life end
Please don't let me go with a frown

I had to leave this life I made
To go somewhere else
To go and find something new
Something I've never felt
I climbed that ladder up high and tall
And when I jumped I started to cry
For when I reached the very bottom
I realized... I couldn't fly

Poem ID: 11730   Poem Posted: 3/20/1999
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