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The Sand At our Feet, The Wind In Our Hair
by Eric A. Martin

"You look more beautiful than we last met."
"When did we last meet?"
"Many dreams ago on this very beach."
"What was i wearing?"
"You were wearing the aura of your beauty."

   "What did we do?"
   "we walked to the sunset, 
    the sand giving way to the weight of our love. 
   "We turned around,then, and walked the wind to the sun itself.  
    It opened wide to accept the radiance of our smiles."
      "Did the sun burn us?"
      "That which is eternal cannot be burned, 
       that which is warmer than the fire of the day 
       cannot be scorched."

         "What,then, did we do 
          when the cold of the moon took the sky from the day?"
         "We rode the stars and the clouds."

            "Did the moon accept us?"
            "The moon did accept us, and so did all the sky, 
             for your eyes now light the night 
             and my smile warms the day."

Poem ID: 10565   Poem Posted: 2/1/1999
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Copyright , 1/24/99, Eric A. Martin  all rights reserved by the author.
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