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All Of My Life
by Jesse DeLance Sutton

All of my life, 
I have longed for someone like you, 
So warm and tender, 
with a love so true. 
You light up my life
with each passing day, 
Now that I have found you, 
I will never let you get away.   

The beauty of your smile, and 
the warmth of your heart. 
The great inner beauty you possess, 
is what won me over, 
and did from the very start.  

As I sit here and think of you, 
the memories of how we met 
are ever so strong. 
You came into my life 
at a time I felt so alone. 
All of my life I've longed 
for someone who would love me, 
for who I am and nothing more. 
You captured my mind and soul, 
so you, my love, you are the key 
to my heart's door.   

Each day we are together, 
is another day in paradise. 
Knowing I've finally 
found someone to love me, 
surely does feel so nice.   

No more lonely days and nights, 
for they are gone forever, never to come again. 
Since you came into my life, 
I have so much love
to give you from within.   

The birds are flying high in the sky, 
singing melodies of love found for you and I. 
My body, soul and mind 
are yours until the day I shall die.   

And even after then... 
the memory of love we have for each other 
will speak to us for all eternity. 
And another page of love 
will be written in history.  

As days go by let's you and I 
keep this love we have between us alive. 
As the hair on our heads grows gray, 
we will look back at these precious memories of love 
with a smile.  

There will be no one who 
can take this love away from us. 
Because in God and each other, 
we will forever put our trust.   

All my life I have dreamed 
of a love so true and pure, like yours. 
Now that I have found you, 
throughout all eternity this 
love of ours will always endure.   

I know we both are human 
and are prone to make mistakes. 
All of our mistakes, we will work through, 
for true love is our fate.   

I am just a country guy, 
from the great state of Georgia, 
who loves you so much. 
Each and everyday I long 
for your loving touch. 

This day I pledge my love to you for always... 
for better or for worse, until death do us part. 
Our hearts will blend into one heart. 
You and I will always be 
the reality that dreams do come true.
All of my life I have dreamed of you, 
Now my soul is at peace forever. 
For you are here finally.

Poem ID: 10484   Poem Posted: 1/30/1999
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