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Here are a few of the comments we have received from LovePoetry web site visitors:

Here are a few comments of how LovePoetry and its poems have helped change lives.                         Feelings Change, My Friend
                        by Amylynn E.R. Schanbacher

                        I would really hate to say it,
                        But our friendship just can't last.
                        The remarkable times we shared together,
                        Have faded to the past.

                        I told you it would happen,
                        Our friendship was bound to end.
                        Although I know you care for me,
                        I cannot consider you a friend.

                        Please don't try to argue,
                        Just try to understand.
                        That time can change some people,
                        As the tide can change the sand.

                        Our friendship has been lovely,
                        But you see it has an end.
                        For now I fell in a different way,
                        I've fallen in love with you, my friend.

                                  by Meghan Colleen Moffett

                                   I never took your advice,
                                     -too headstrong to listen.

                                   I never tried my best,
                                     -too stupid to recognize.

                                   I never heard the truth,
                                     -too ignorant to believe.

                                   I never thought ahead,
                                     -too childish to know.

                                   I never wait to talk,
                                     -too emotional to control.

                                   I never say, "I love you",
                                     -too stubborn to admit...

                                       "I love you daddy."