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How Much?   
by Opal    
"How much does it take
To open your eyes to me, ..."
Unrequited Love
No Chance For Love   
by Kimi    
"You look my way, and want to hold me throughout the night
You want to touch me, but you have no right ..."
Unrequited Love
Love Denied   
by Lydia C. Downs    
"The best part of my day is when you walk by me.
The worst part is when you don't say hi. ..."
Unrequited Love
One Wish   
by Brandi Michelle Lamb    
"If I could have one wish...
it would be for you and me ..."
Unrequited Love
by Rebecca Ellen ELizabeth Sutton    
"Don't you realize
how much i need you ..."
Unrequited Love
OnLy YoU   
by TiNa TrAn    
"My heart belongs to you and no one else.
Only if you give me a chance, ..."
Unrequited Love
Here Lately   
by Selena Anne Carter    
"I've sat here watching every single move you make-
So easy, yet so incredibly smooth. ..."
Unrequited Love
The Wanderer   
by Susan    
"I often feel empty
My soul is dry like the desert ..."
Unrequited Love
AS IS   
Unrequited Love
by yaya    
"I wait and wait,
yet you still hesitate ..."
Unrequited Love
Keep Your Jaws Locked.   
by Angel of Love    
"Speak to me.. in a language I can understand.
Speak to me.. like I'm the woman I am. ..."
Unrequited Love
It Hurts   
by Care J B    
"It hurts to know you donít feel the same
And knowing alone is what Iíll remain ..."
Unrequited Love
The Greatest Regret   
by Jennifer E Nash    
"There once was a girl filled with laughter and wit
falling in love she didn't believe in one bit. ..."
Unrequited Love
You Wander   
by David Burhans    
"Through my head you wander,
When eíer I stop and ponder. ..."
Unrequited Love
How Long   
by Jessica N. Schroedel    
"Years come and go
Yet I'm still waiting for you, ..."
Unrequited Love
by Mark A. Myres    
"Am I missing out waiting for you?
Should I go for other girls, or what should I do? ..."
Unrequited Love
You I Wish   
by Scott Allen Meinschock    
"Killing my emotions is what I need to do
I'm willing to sacrifice it all- to be with you ..."
Unrequited Love
Untitled 2   
by Luvpuppy    
"I used to think
That fate was true ..."
Unrequited Love
by Orlando Warren    
"Every night I lie in bed just thinking, hoping,
and praying that we stay together. ..."
Unrequited Love
My Love Will Stay   
by theresa t.t ta    
"Thinking of you
In a dark empty room ..."
Unrequited Love
All That You Do!   
by Emma J. Bradley    
"You walk right past me
Each and every day, ..."
Unrequited Love
Mine for the Night   
by A. Eaton    
"When I look into those eyes
My heart, it slowly sinks ..."
Unrequited Love
Just To Talk To You   
by BaBieGiNa    
"All I want right now is to talk to you.
Even If I can't have you, ..."
Unrequited Love
Broken Heart   
by James Franklin Porter    
"I lie awake at night
with thoughts of you ..."
Unrequited Love

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