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Changing Tides   
by Victoria Elizabeth Walker    
"Can you tell me that you love me?
Or is the truth just too damn much? ..."
The Trials of Love
by Jose Smith    
"The euphoria of enchanted dreams,
now overshadowed by the condescending tone of falsehoods ..."
The Trials of Love
That's When You Know   
by Christopher Andrew Stroud    
"When you hit rock bottom,
And you have nowhere to go, ..."
The Trials of Love
by Darren P Mortimer    
"There's a hole in me
A massive you-shaped hole in me ..."
The Trials of Love
The Grasp Of Love   
by walter aaron brown    
"Love has me in its grasp
it has me in such a grasp, when i breathe i gasp ..."
The Trials of Love
Connected By Wires   
by RayRay Skimps    
"Without Interruption you had knocked on my door,
Left the opposition, and said nothing more. ..."
The Trials of Love
Starry Night   
by Janie Marie Espinoza    
"Our starry night may be a blistering one
The Trials of Love
Pieces of Heart   
by Tonese Rene Reed    
"There's an empty road I've walked alone
And I don't mind the silence. ..."
The Trials of Love
There are times, when they are just times. . .   
by Ambreen Mirza    
"There are times, when my heart
wants to become a hermit ..."
The Trials of Love
Now or Never   
by CyNiChIc    
"With all that I have in me
I know this much is true... ..."
The Trials of Love
A never ending story   
by Robyn Stephens Olivia Stephens    
"Life gets pretty hard,
and the things that made you happy, ..."
The Trials of Love
The Judgemental Master   
by Yasmine Chantel Rattler    
"The innocent heart of me
Is so sensitive and free, don't you see ..."
The Trials of Love
by Steve J Lay    
"Holding onto this feeling
It seems quite appealing ..."
The Trials of Love
by Shelley Marie Gay    
"I am worn out with dreams
All I see is his face. ..."
The Trials of Love

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