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Just For you... Papi   
by Brujita Diaz    
The Power of Love
Every day   
by Beth Rose Sopko    
"Every day I think of you
It makes me want to cry. ..."
The Power of Love
My life   
by Rania Alnajjar    
"I have been living my life with sadness.
Iíve always wished it would turn into all happiness. ..."
The Power of Love
The Gift Of Love   
by Dacia Nicole Connell    
"Love is never easy,
A gift that is not free, ..."
The Power of Love
A Summer Dream   
by Bbygirljes    
"Your love is like a summer breeze
so welcome on long, hot nights. ..."
The Power of Love
by BabyGirl 7147    
"Why do you bother him?
Why do you tease him? ..."
The Power of Love
17 and scared   
by Angelforever    
"17 and pregnant not knowing what to do
I'm scared but all I do is think of you. ..."
The Power of Love
Wedding Day   
by Tom Dennis Eynon    
"Yesterday it seemed
our wedding day was here ..."
The Power of Love
A Lover's Soliloquy   
by Judith M. Jordan    
"How can I be so in love
And yet feel so removed? ..."
The Power of Love
The Perfect Guy   
by Audrey D.    
"To me,
The perfect guy, ..."
The Power of Love
True Love   
by Pamela Skinner    
"True Love is what we got,
it feels so good, it hits the spot. ..."
The Power of Love
My First Kiss   
by Elizabeth Walker    
"When you first kissed me
My heart pounded like a drum, ..."
The Power of Love
Our Mountain   
by Crystal M Laskowski    
"There was this dream that I had
One night, after I met you ..."
The Power of Love
by Stephen Samuel Peplow    
"This dance shall unite our minds.
This dance shall unite our souls. ..."
The Power of Love
our love   
by manuel xavier salas    
The Power of Love
Together We Stand   
by Tonese Rene Reed    
"Together we stand, together we fall.
Forever Iím with you, all and all. ..."
The Power of Love
Thinking of you   
by sharocka airenna sweet larry    
"Thinking of you always and forever
heart beating just to be with you ..."
The Power of Love
Life's Story   
by HaiLee Y.    
"There once was a girl,
Who lived in a blur, ..."
The Power of Love
by brandy michelle west    
"forever is a beautiful word to me
and when it comes to mind ..."
The Power of Love
Forever and Forever   
by Ralph Lamarr Clark    
" Light from the moon
kissing the trees; ..."
The Power of Love
Becoming a Pearl   
by Circe    
"Sitting atop this pedastel of emotion,
my arms stretched out, ..."
The Power of Love
Loving You   
by Ralph Lamarr Clark    
" Those little things
you always do, ..."
The Power of Love
When you're away   
by JeSsIcA K RiChArDs    
"When you're gone life is red I have no feeling, Can't have fun
no where to run, Insane boredom don't know what to do so scared ..."
The Power of Love
by Nigel Saint Aubyn Daring    
"You kissed a frog and made him a person
You saw what no one else could ..."
The Power of Love

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