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by Jessica Ellen Newlin    
"What didn't I give you, that kept you from being true?
What does she have that I don't? ..."
The Pains of Love
I Wish   
by Marina Ramirez    
"I wish I was the one you cared for
I wish I was the one you loved ..."
The Pains of Love
tearing me apart   
by jenna_lynn    
"a boy i love with all my heart
doesn't realize he's tearing me apart ..."
The Pains of Love
That Kind of Love   
by The Gypsy    
"You say someday you will hold me in your arms
I will feel that safeness that you always give me ..."
The Pains of Love
by Arabelle Alana    
"You know, I was never honest.
I didnít forget you. ..."
The Pains of Love
by Joshua Matthew Alexander    
"Does this feeling ever go away,
I cannot stand the things I think. ..."
The Pains of Love
Make The Pain Go Away   
by J L E    
"I did it again
I pushed you away ..."
The Pains of Love
by nickie maire walker    
" Destroy! Destroy! The one for whom I care
what sad demented mind, unkind ..."
The Pains of Love
A Broken Heart Never Mends   
by Scarlett    
"In front of the window
Staring out at the world; ..."
The Pains of Love
A Price Too High   
by Ella Kay    
"How much of me must you own?
Complete control given of my heart ..."
The Pains of Love
I am so totally in love with you   
by Chimene Williams    
"My heart beats for your love.
My system shuts down when I think of you. ..."
The Pains of Love
Why did I have to love you?   
by Brittany J. Carroll    
"Why did I have to love you,
Knowing we could never be? ..."
The Pains of Love
Greatest wish   
by Anders Samuelsson    
"Your eyes are like the coral sea
Whose waves slowly roll ashore ..."
The Pains of Love
by nicole carrie poole    
"When I first saw you
I was lost in your eyes ..."
The Pains of Love
Is It All A Game?   
by Ashley    
"I sit by myself, thinking of you,
Not knowing what's happening, ..."
The Pains of Love
I'm Sitting Here Wondering....   
by Joann Marie Boutwell    
"I'm sitting here wondering
how things could've been different between us, ..."
The Pains of Love
by Awasin Preys    
" On the darkest night
I'm in the forest ..."
The Pains of Love
by Torsten Fischer    
"Tangled web of spoken words with mixed emotions
Chances taken consequences faced feelings nurtured hopes revealed ..."
The Pains of Love
Sonnet 1   
by Amber Watters    
"It's small & clear, just a little wet drop
Often eases pain, delicate as can be ..."
The Pains of Love
Times of Pain   
by Nika Harshman    
" He looks at me
And my heart begins to race ..."
The Pains of Love
by George Randall Montgomery    
"Love, the one thing that eludes me,
Someday I will have it to set me free ..."
The Pains of Love
Going on without you   
by Liz Aase    
"Itís all over this time
without you Iím gonna make it fine ..."
The Pains of Love
The Pains of Love
I wish you could understand   
by Janice Kathleen Gonzales    
"boy, I wish you could understand
how much I love you ..."
The Pains of Love

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