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Just a Dream   
by Alla B    
"Just a dream
Someone I donít even know ..."
The Need to be Loved
by Felicity Lucy Bond    
"The PAIN, the FEARS,
Not even HAPPINESS can wash away the TEARS. ..."
The Need to be Loved
A New Beginning   
by Carol Ann Croatt    
"When the heart is broken
Like never before ..."
The Need to be Loved
by jaycee bohn fire    
"I am a dreamer,
A dreamer of all things, ..."
The Need to be Loved
The girl I met at camp   
by daniel adam windham    
"I met this girl at camp,
She was so beautiful. ..."
The Need to be Loved
by Jennifer Elaine Barney    
"Waiting for the day
when he will walk through that door ..."
The Need to be Loved
Anyone to Love   
by Trhonda "SunFlower" Jonnette Edwards    
"Hey, love, why not come my way.
It's not like I'll have something to say, ..."
The Need to be Loved
The Need to be Loved
by Corey lanfair    
"She has had her heart broken many times before!
She's had many promises broken time and time again! ..."
The Need to be Loved
Everything's Forgotten   
by HeartBreaker085    
"Heart's will be broken,
tears will be shed. ..."
The Need to be Loved
The Feeling   
by nicole ann ritcheson    
"you know the feeling...
the last feeling that haunts you... ..."
The Need to be Loved
by Marko Hugosson    
"I have a few friends, but still Iím alone
No one to hold. No one to call my own ..."
The Need to be Loved
It's been a long time   
by Ann Marie Gonzalez    
"IT has been a long night
and I'm still waiting to hear your voice ..."
The Need to be Loved
Will it Stop   
by DeCarlos Ramon Sanders    
"Valued time wasted because I donít understand
my role in the situation. ..."
The Need to be Loved
Fallen Angel   
by Courtney Lenore Gravley    
"This is my reality, this is how I live
Professing love never really mine is what I seem to give ..."
The Need to be Loved
Did You Ever?   
by Scarlett    
"Did you ever fall in love
And know it was forever? ..."
The Need to be Loved
I was that Dreamer   
by Pure Serenity    
"I was that Dreamer, sitting near you,
back in our School days, class of '92. ..."
The Need to be Loved
Don't Be Afraid To Love Again   
by Angelica Pantoja    
"Although you were hurt in the past.
Realize that your pain- a lifetime won't last. ..."
The Need to be Loved
Shooting Star   
by George M Anderson    
"If I had but one wish to make,
I did- the other night, ..."
The Need to be Loved
There Are Times   
by Gina Lynn Banuelos    
"There are times when my mind loses itself,
in its own self-control, so what becomes of me? ..."
The Need to be Loved
by Spring Morrison    
"Why can't I meet a normal guy?
Why do I feel this way? ..."
The Need to be Loved
You're inLove   
by Fama S Fresnosa    
"You came up to me one time
And I could see the sparkle in your eyes ..."
The Need to be Loved
My Own World   
by Melissa Hope Patterson    
"I have created my own little world,
And I am the only one here. ..."
The Need to be Loved
Will Always Be There   
by Lisa Lillian Formosa    
"We started out dating and I started hesitating.
We went to the dance as a couple, but the next day later ..."
The Need to be Loved

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