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i must   
by linda erin blowhorn    
"i must leave you
here dwelling on love ..."
Tempted by Love
Pain Over Pleasure   
by Monica Sarn'e Carter    
"Inside this body lies a broken soul.
No self-esteem for who she is. ..."
Tempted by Love
This is how it feels   
by Daydred Easton    
" This is how it feels
to love but not love, ..."
Tempted by Love
by Angela Nicole Benitez    
"When I get close to people
I can't help but push them away. ..."
Tempted by Love
by august tiffany    
"my heart grasped by your hands
pulled into an embrace I can only dream of ..."
Tempted by Love
by Marie Nicolette Aninos    
"To touch...
To taste... ..."
Tempted by Love
by Joni Lea Ellingsen    
"I want to leave
I want to run ..."
Tempted by Love
My Love Did Sometimes Wander   
by Alan W. Jankowski    
"My love did sometimes wander,
And my thoughts did often roam, ..."
Tempted by Love
Scared to fall in love   
by Joshua Lee Stearman    
"I have a girlfriend right now
I want to love her but I don't know how. ..."
Tempted by Love
by JMR    
"as we linger with the moon,
i soak my body with your scent, ..."
Tempted by Love
yearning for love   
by Heather Pauline Galgay    
"As I slowly fall asleep,
I count to ten the flying sheep. ..."
Tempted by Love
Sweet Temptation   
by Caramel    
"Your moist lips upon my neck
Send shivers down my spine, ..."
Tempted by Love
The Way I Feel For U   
by sexynena88 Jenny    
"Lately I look forward to each day
When I see u- I don't want u to leave ..."
Tempted by Love
We Are A Pair   
by Lindsay Suzanne Gerlach    
"We are a pair,
you and I ..."
Tempted by Love
Here I am   
by Daniel Lazarus Garcia    
"Here I am writing about what I'm thinking
Thinking about what I'm writing ..."
Tempted by Love
Only Friends   
by Earth Angel    
"Only friends,
I sigh, ..."
Tempted by Love
by Randall Eric Staley    
"Well, I met her when I was on a rebound spin
Comin' back from a love gone sour ..."
Tempted by Love
Love In A Mist   
by John Leroy Maxwell    
"The dawn rolled into the arena of worldly delight
For it was I being witness to your passing ..."
Tempted by Love
This Relationship   
by Stephanie Therese Wilson    
"Aching, taking, breaking
Is this relationship making? ..."
Tempted by Love
No Rush   
by Brenda Torian Collins    
"No Rush for me with thoughts in my mind,
the day we met the chemistry was fine. ..."
Tempted by Love
by Cassidy H.    
"This is me
Why can't you see ..."
Tempted by Love
by Pepper    
"I know I love you,
But I'm not allowed to. ..."
Tempted by Love
by Shay Josey Waters    
"You once said she would be your wife
Now it only cuts her like a knife ..."
Tempted by Love
for P.F.#15   
by pixie stik Serenity Williams    
"A beauty that doesn't fade,
through the wink of an angel's eye. ..."
Tempted by Love

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