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My Passion   
by ITSme    
"My love, I long to hold you
and be so close to you ..."
Secret Love
by Melissa Nicole Peterson    
"I love the way you smell at night,
I love it when you hold me tight. ..."
Secret Love
my crush   
by melodie marie gonzalez    
"I see you in the hallway,
I like to stare you down. ..."
Secret Love
Secret Love   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"Secret love and sweet emotion
Burning inside of me like fire ..."
Secret Love
by Lissa Beth M    
"Why must I hide
This we did not decide ..."
Secret Love
The Man I love   
by Cindy In Love Martinez    
"I am in love
With a wonderful guy. ..."
Secret Love
Will It Ever Be   
by Rose T Koubek    
"You greet me with that certain smile,
your eyes full of life... ..."
Secret Love
The words I can't say   
by broken_hearted_guy    
"I love you so much
But I can't tell you ..."
Secret Love
by Janna Colombo    
" Silent tenderness and feelings
unspoken ..."
Secret Love
The Crush   
by keralina marie pantuso    
"There you stand, the object of my desire
I stand here, just burning with desire ..."
Secret Love
Hold On   
by Blue Eyes    
"Youíve graced my life with nothing less
than loving arms and happiness. ..."
Secret Love
My Soul   
by Memory    
"Caught in a fire that burns,
I can't escape; ..."
Secret Love
My Flame   
by J. A. H.    
"I often sit outside my house
and gaze into the sky, ..."
Secret Love
My Angel of the Night   
by Dolores Jacqueline King    
"Did Heaven shut down
When you came here ..."
Secret Love
Merely Friends   
by Amanda E. Rogers    
"My mind is aching
I close my eyes and endure the pain ..."
Secret Love
by Pietra Julia Andrade    
Secret Love
Lovers Leap   
by David Christopher Morris    
"To hold your hand
Would be for me, ..."
Secret Love
From Far Away   
by Elizabeth Denney    
"I watched you from across the way
Hoping that somehow, someday ..."
Secret Love
Special Dedication   
by MiSs PoLyNiSiaN    
"My one secret is
that I'm in love with you. ..."
Secret Love
I Want...   
by SlpyTmeGal    
"Sometimes... the days between us seem like an eternity.
The world and all its iniquities move forward... ..."
Secret Love
About You!   
by ImAnAngel    
"I long for the day
When I can say I love you ..."
Secret Love
by Regent Silver    
"Unknown, my adoration,
my thoughts, hidden, buried deep. ..."
Secret Love
Secret Book Of Promises   
by Jerry Wayne Gaither    
"In my secret book of promises,
with the night slowly drawing in; ..."
Secret Love
If I   
by Lindsay Maria Misselbrook    
"If I could be an important part of your life,
you wouldn't regret it... ..."
Secret Love

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