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"Wonít you be my yardstick?
So I can always discern where I donít measure up. ..."
Pleading For Love
by Yolybeth NeNa    
"Two words with such powerful meaning,
It brings out so many unwanted feelings. ..."
Pleading For Love
You Are   
by Sendy Hidalgo    
"Today I cry!
You made me sad, ..."
Pleading For Love
What Does It Take?   
by Dejonna G Mckinney    
"The things you make me feel inside
only God could describe. ..."
Pleading For Love
by Devon Derrickus Tyler    
"What's love?
What's this word you speak of? ..."
Pleading For Love
Flawless half moon..   
by bobby bains    
"Flawless half moon
dimly floats ..."
Pleading For Love
The River - Me   
by Chris Ten Joe    
"Here comes the "River Me"
Seeking permission to flow into the "You Sea" ..."
Pleading For Love
Pattern of Waves   
by Elizabeth Robinson    
"I look into the evening sunset
And all I can see is you. ..."
Pleading For Love
A Silent Cry   
by D jones    
"I cry in silence,
for no one hears my cries. ..."
Pleading For Love
no email, no phone calls,.no text message too   
by steve doran steve    
"no e-mail, no phone calls, no text message too
the anguish, the reality ..."
Pleading For Love
Would You   
by Erma Jean DeRokey    
"Would you cry if I died tomorrow?
Would you be here for me today? ..."
Pleading For Love
Ideal Man   
by Emily Morris    
"You call for no reason.
You say, "I Love You," just ..."
Pleading For Love
Dead Love   
by Noeee Z. R.    
"You tormented me
The things you did ..."
Pleading For Love
Please Don't   
by Sonya Lyn*ae Symms    
"Baby plz don't do this.
Pleading For Love
when days in time must pass   
by sonia aisha ramos    
"the stare
that makes me dare to stare back, into your eyes. ..."
Pleading For Love
You Captured My Heart   
by Candy Marie Kincaid    
"When I first saw your eyes
that is when I did realize ..."
Pleading For Love
"I've been getting these painful feelings deep down inside,
it's like the feelings I always get when I'm about to cry. ..."
Pleading For Love
My life my soul my everything   
by Tony Hewitt    
"I hurt each day we are apart
please don't leave and break my heart ..."
Pleading For Love
Love me again   
by Fairhope Nonhlanhla Mahlangu    
"I'm sorry I left you hanging
I didn't know what I was losing. ..."
Pleading For Love
A Sad Song   
by Patrick Ray Morales    
"This is my sad song.
I don't know what's taking you so long. ..."
Pleading For Love
Please Don't Break My Heart   
by Nadia Varkovsky    
"Wise men say
That Iím a fool ..."
Pleading For Love
Take Me To Heaven   
by Freddy Juarez Marmolejo    
"There is a hunger which lingers endlessly inside
A wanting for passion that can not be denied ..."
Pleading For Love
"how will i let you know?
this feeling, so strong ..."
Pleading For Love
How he hates me   
by A fallen angel    
"You hate me is what you say
I love you is what I hear ..."
Pleading For Love

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