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My hero   
by Allie Finn    
"You are my inspiration and guiding light,
You help me to know what's wrong and right. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
Happy Mothers Day   
by weezle susan brown    
"Today is Mothers Day
And there is something that I want to say ..."
Mothers Day Poems
To My Mom   
by Genna Lea Rizor    
"“The greatest gift is a portion of yourself.” –Emerson-
Mothers Day Poems
my hero   
by Rayni Justine Koelln    
"when people ask kids questions like...
who is your hero? ..."
Mothers Day Poems
Dear Mother   
by Ruby Jeannette Wills    
"When I was little
you rocked me to sleep with a bedtime song. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
by Siera White    
"Sometimes we act like we're just friends.
Sometimes we do things together. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
My Mothers Love   
by Estrella Lizette Avila    
"My mother's love was always there.
My mother's love, she was the one who only cared. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
M O T H E R   
by Daniel Lazarus Garcia    
"More precious than any jewel or pearl
Or any other precious stone or metal in this world ..."
Mothers Day Poems
To a wonderful mom!   
by Belinda Jeanette Hill    
"You brought us in this life
and you showed us everything that you know ..."
Mothers Day Poems
Never Forget   
by Crystal Lee Ott    
"Thank you so much, Mom
for everything you do, ..."
Mothers Day Poems
My MOM   
by andie pico    
"She's special
cause she gave me life ..."
Mothers Day Poems
Dear Momma   
by Emily Eleanor Saari    
"I want to thank you for making my life worth living.
No second thoughts, to me you were always giving. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
by Nina Torres Garcia    
"You have been a deserving mother
You always make sure we are ok ..."
Mothers Day Poems
Secret Mother Words...   
by Rachel Agnes Radek    
"I think about my father,
I think about my brothers, ..."
Mothers Day Poems
by Matthew Escudero    
"I'm sorry for what i have done
I have my days, good or bad ..."
Mothers Day Poems
When I'm... (You're There)   
by Cheryl Annett Watson    
"When I'm lost, you are the light to help me find my way.
When I'm sad, you are there to brighten up my day. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
by Dartherino    
"She was the one I could rely on
In times when things were scarce ..."
Mothers Day Poems
to the parents   
by Stephanie Patricia Rose    
"You can not lock me up,
You can not safeguard my life. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
by Jennifer Ann Reid    
"You gave the world for another,
For that you became my mother. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
My Mom   
by Jesika Spradling    
"A mother's love is hard to define,
especially if you have a mom like mine. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
To Mama   
by Viena Zymar Pinar    
"Asleep in the space with nothing else,
A deep place of silence and peace. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
I Love You Mom and Happy Mother's Day   
by John Andrew Arevalo    
"Thank you Lord for my heart you touched
For giving me a mother who can care so much. ..."
Mothers Day Poems
by AMBER MAY    
Mothers Day Poems
A Mother's Touch   
by Alison Cunningham    
"Mother, you are my guiding light
Through my darkest hours, you've made my path so bright ..."
Mothers Day Poems

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