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by India R Fitzgerald    
"She rose from ashes that were of her own
and she decided she would begin living life the way she'd hoped. ..."
Love of Self
"I look into the mirror
Amazed at what I see ..."
Love of Self
Don't tell Me   
by Haley Maries Powell    
"People told me I wouldn't survive
People told me I'd never be worth anybody’s while ..."
Love of Self
Your Eyes Tell Me   
by Lynsey J Arnott    
"Your eyes tell me I am a queen,
Adorned with twenty-four carat compliments, ..."
Love of Self
I look in the mirror   
by Krista Marie Anderson    
"I look in the mirror
But I don't recognize the girl I see, ..."
Love of Self
losing my love   
by sabya sachi das    
"Losing her was like a sin,
i could not understand how long i had been, ..."
Love of Self
cute and stout   
by janay monique dinkins    
"I am cute and stout
I wonder if people want to be like me ..."
Love of Self
by Tomeka A Lilly    
"Why can't I see
the person in me ..."
Love of Self
by Sarah Leisha Schmidt    
"Live every day as it comes to you
Don't regret a moment of it ..."
Love of Self
Only Human   
by Ashten Niche' Bryant    
"Search my heart and feel what i feel
Look into my eyes and see what i see ..."
Love of Self
On my way   
by Kimberly Denice Wyatt    
"The road is long but I'm on my way
To find my place in a brand new day. ..."
Love of Self
Do you wanna know   
by Val A    
"When all emotions seem to be at a loss,
It is ourselves who pay the cost. ..."
Love of Self
by Edna Lynette Logan    
"I wish I felt my beauty as others say they see
But all I can see in the mirror is plain old me ..."
Love of Self

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