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I thought u cared...   
by Fadia Precious    
"I thought you cared,
but you really didn't. ..."
Love and Hate
by Allysha Carvalho    
" Days go by that I wish you were here,
to hold me when I cry. ..."
Love and Hate
by yeo hsiao peng    
"1 I hate you treating me like a princess
Only to find I am nobody to you. ..."
Love and Hate
I Hate You   
by sarah k    
"Look at how she treats you,
she treats you like dirt, ..."
Love and Hate
The Power of Love   
by Wendy Lynne Dobson    
"The noise of the world
has consumed their ears and mind. ..."
Love and Hate
I know i do   
by Shemeca Trim    
"there may be many ways to say
but for me, there's no other way ..."
Love and Hate
Your Hate is My Love   
by Casey Connors    
"This whole thing is about hate.
Love and Hate
I HATE...   
by Lauren Berry Cowan    
Love and Hate
I hate the way I love you   
by Emma Mary Hapgood    
"I hate you for your petty ways;
For your insecurities. ..."
Love and Hate
by samantha marie LeBlanc    
"Why do you hurt me the way you do?
Why do say you're 'sorry' when you're through? ..."
Love and Hate
My Most Grevious of Sins   
by Avery Robertson    
"You keep talking about sins long past,
while angry words hang inside ..."
Love and Hate
My poem   
by Michael Shiu    
"There was magic in the air,
sometimes, I think, it just isn't fair... ..."
Love and Hate
I Had Enough   
by Anganiesha Gilliam    
"How can you say you love me,
you don't know what it means ..."
Love and Hate
The Dream / The Reality   
by Kristina R Hansen    
"I am on top of the world / Torn between hell...
Feeling strong / Feeling weak... ..."
Love and Hate
I Hate You   
by Jessica Lynn Justice    
"I hate you for when I lost you.
I hate you for when I had you. ..."
Love and Hate
by babie guurll babie guurll    
"The hurt, the pain, the endless bleeding
For my own life I find myself pleading ..."
Love and Hate
I Know What I Deserve   
by Maya Nicole    
"Sitting here, waiting around for you
but I know I deserve... ..."
Love and Hate
by Trish Trish    
"If I were to apologize
Oh, the things I would say ..."
Love and Hate
by Cindy Hidalgo    
"You showed me that you care
And it seems you've change; ..."
Love and Hate
Story About a Man   
by K. W. K.    
"This is a story about a man
Honest eyes and told he is perfect ..."
Love and Hate
Playing Games   
by nicole elvera valenzuela    
"Why are you doing this to me?
I want this all to stop. ..."
Love and Hate
Please Make It Stop   
by Seth Blake Meadows    
"Dear God,
Love and Hate
How I think I feel   
by Keri Eileen Rosevear    
"How do I learn to forgive for all the pain I feel?
How can I ever forgive him so my heart can heal? ..."
Love and Hate
Rose Petals   
by Danielle Nicole Newman    
"I looked at that rose,
The memories it holds. ..."
Love and Hate

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