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Redemption Now Offered   
by Damien Scott Afkos    
"you pushed me down
for all the world to see ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Come Back...   
by Clayton Wayne Ross    
"Loving you,
is one thing i can do. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm So Sorry   
by Kristen D.    
"I messed up, I know.
I was crazy to ever let you go. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm Sorry   
by Elisha Gaddy    
"I'm Sorry I hurt you,
Lord knows I didn't mean to. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
My Love   
by Nicole Anne Nicky    
"I know I hurt you to many times
When I did, I saw the tears in your eyes. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm Sorry   
by Milly Fernandez    
"I always seem to hurt you
And once I made you cry ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I Really Need To Know   
by Adam's Angel    
"What does it take to hold you?
I really need to know ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I Promise You   
by Carl Copsey    
"A frozen chill runs through my soul
How it hurts to be left alone ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I Want You Back   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"I didnít know how much I loved you
Until I lost you to someone else ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Forgive the Thorned Rose   
by Jacinda aka Para-Dice G. Hayes    
"It began... simple, innocent-
It grew. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Please forgive me...   
by Uv Uv    
"Did I break your heart?
Did I tear your life apart? ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Brittany Renee Hardan    
"When we lost twelve innocent students we all ray,
but when we really all just want to ..."
Love and Forgiveness
One Winter's Day   
by D. A. Turcotte    
"As she sits and gazes out the window
She wonders ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Meagan Jeaneen Kendrick    
"The hurt doesn't go away
The pain is here to stay ..."
Love and Forgiveness
That's What Love Does   
by MiSs PoLyNiSiaN    
"I loved you for so long,
but now I'm trying to forget you. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I'm Sorry   
by Shelaine Ponce    
"I'm sorry for hurting you
you're better than that ..."
Love and Forgiveness
I Am Sorry   
by Hannah Beth Coen    
"I am sorry for all the pain I put you through.
I am sorry I made you cry. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
by Nyla S. Funderburk    
"I can't believe I did that
I lost all of your trust, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Together Again   
by Andrea Guajardo    
"I'm glad you gave me another chance
For us to have that one last dance, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Deep Down Inside   
by Jessica Ann Jacob    
"i knew something was wrong
i just couldn't figure out what was gone ..."
Love and Forgiveness
What I used to have   
by Poemmaster    
"What I used to have
I ask myself every day ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Fire In My Heart   
by MiSs PoLyNiSiaN    
"Each time I see you,
I just can't help but cry. ..."
Love and Forgiveness
The Pain I Caused   
"For the pain I caused, the anger I showed
to the love of my life, my world, and my soul, ..."
Love and Forgiveness
Wondering Why   
by Jennacca Lynn Turpin    
"I look in the starry night sky
and wonder why ..."
Love and Forgiveness

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