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A Christmas Wish   
by Wendy Ann Garman    
"I've never known a woman like you
There is nothing that you can't do. ..."
Love and Family
my bad accident turned out good   
by MasonsmomJakesgirl Weaver    
"I was 15 years old
Drinkin' every night ..."
Love and Family
A Message To My Dad   
by Takeeriyah Diamond Boyd    
"Go lovely rose
To the one I Love ..."
Love and Family
why no time for me?   
by jen dawson    
"I wish I was daddy's little girl
I wish I was a part of daddy's world ..."
Love and Family
by Brittany L. Mulac    
"~You were always there to manage my heart
~To make sure those boy's didn't tear it apart ..."
Love and Family
LiL' Brother   
by Maya Nicole    
"Lil' brother, I see your pain...
By the way you walk, by the way you talk, ..."
Love and Family
who is this man?   
by christina leonard    
"who is this man, i never see,
a voice so deep inside of me? ..."
Love and Family
by Whitney Allison Byrd    
"We have been through so much, both good and bad.
We have both been heartbroken, which made us feel sad. ..."
Love and Family
Why are you special, why indeed.   
by Paul Thomas Sluberski    
"Why indeed.
Love and Family
First Sight   
by Falling Angel    
"You stole my heart
All in one look ..."
Love and Family
My Guiding Light   
by Mary Lee Jones    
" My light at the end of the tunnel,
All my gray skies turned blue. ..."
Love and Family
by julie rayleen medland    
"kaylie, i love you daily
i'm glad to have you as my baby ..."
Love and Family
You're as Near as the Phone   
by Angela Rock    
"Sister dear, how nice it is
To hear your voice long-distance ..."
Love and Family
My Son   
by Ella Kay    
"Nights of rocking,
Days of walking ..."
Love and Family
The Beast Within   
by Michelle Bernarda Pena    
"I stared out the window and watched as the sun began to set.
The sudden darkness sent chills down my spine and triggered ..."
Love and Family
by Brittany Kierra, Marsha'e Thomas    
"I wonder if U Love me?
I wonder if I Love U? ..."
Love and Family
My Mom   
by ashley Lynn motley    
"My mom is the sweetest thing God has given me,
unto the world she made me see. ..."
Love and Family
I hope it never hurts to love   
by Dion    
"Love is a splendid thing if for sure... it's love.
Love is a wonderful thing if you never... get crushed. ..."
Love and Family
God's Gift   
by Tara Lynn Ackman    
"When I was little, I was once told
I'd receive a special gift when I grew old. ..."
Love and Family
by Charlotte Lee Johnson    
"I was wondering... what is happiness and love,
I guess it is a feeling like seeing a dove. ..."
Love and Family
How Great Families Are   
by Nacki K Fearon    
"Families are the best; they are the greatest.
Put them to the test, and you will see ..."
Love and Family
My little angel   
by Belinda Jeanette Hill    
"The day that you were born
it brightened up my life. ..."
Love and Family
Mother Forgive Me   
by SuGaR BeAr    
"Mother, can you hear me?
Or see the tears run from my eyes? ..."
Love and Family
My Darling Daughter   
by Heidi Guerrero    
"So Little, So Precious
Such a miracle ..."
Love and Family

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