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Unbreakable Heart   
by Jester    
"I do not want to believe this
What happened with us is wrong ..."
Love and Distrust
Don't Break My Heart   
by Jyneisha Dyan Wright    
"Don't break my heart
don't do me wrong ..."
Love and Distrust
Right Now   
by Kristin A. O'Hara    
"So I see you again,
And my heart begins to melt. ..."
Love and Distrust
You're Playing Me   
by Sunday B. Fakus    
"Smart you think you are
When you said those sweet words to me ..."
Love and Distrust
by melissa lizel martinez    
"When you first kissed me I saw fireworks.
When you first hugged me the world watched. ..."
Love and Distrust
Broken Heart   
by aileen vacaro    
"i gave you my heart
but you tore it apart ..."
Love and Distrust
You lie   
by Julia B    
"All the time you lie to me.
Just tell me the truth and set me free. ..."
Love and Distrust
how could you   
by Lynn L Doll    
"You and me that's how it used to be. I was your everything
you were my everything. We told each other we would never part ..."
Love and Distrust
I Know What It's Like   
by Dayle M. Shaffer    
"I know what it's like
To cry yourself to sleep, ..."
Love and Distrust
by Tiffany nicole walters    
"I love you and you only.
You're my boo. ..."
Love and Distrust
No Second Chances   
by Christy E. Cook    
"You never did feel any pain,
To you our love was just a game. ..."
Love and Distrust
I deny thee   
by megan elizabeth devilgirl    
"I deny thee my kisses, I deny thee my touch
I deny thee my affections, that I need to give so much. ..."
Love and Distrust
life is not that great   
by Mary Lillian Deisbeck    
"life as we know it is not all that great
you think a guy is ok when you meet him ..."
Love and Distrust
Not a Funny Story   
by Junita E Johnson    
"Sometime when you think
You've found the right one ..."
Love and Distrust
You Said   
by Caramel    
"You said you'd always love me.
You said you'd alwayz care. ..."
Love and Distrust
by Ken M Ackerman    
"Jealousy, I believe,
Is the root of all things bad. ..."
Love and Distrust
Can I Trust?   
by Geri H.    
"Is my boo, Elie, a player or not?
Why is it when he is near, I get hot? ..."
Love and Distrust
my heart is broken   
by Lise M Clarke    
"i am lost and alone
waiting for your call on the phone ..."
Love and Distrust
What You Did   
by Laura Martinez    
"Last night you said you loved me and
That you cared for me, so much ..."
Love and Distrust
The Gift   
by JuJu Bean    
"There once was a boy I thought I knew,
He had me convinced that he know me too. ..."
Love and Distrust
He's Different   
by Samantha L. McCarthy    
"All my friends tell me he's no good
He lies and cheats, they say ..."
Love and Distrust
by Miriam M. Wynn    
"always, the same:
to tell me I am incredible, a rare find, delicious; ..."
Love and Distrust
The Desire of Your Presence   
by Viviana Isabel Rivera    
"Is it possible to exhale a tolerable amount of relief?
I wanted for so long to prolong, ..."
Love and Distrust
by Valentina C Hernandez    
"Glitter on your cheeks I act like I'm fine
Love and Distrust

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