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by MAH    
"You told me you loved me
and you'd never leave ..."
Love and Death
by Pepper Clark    
Love and Death
The Gift Given Back   
by Missy Anne    
"At the first Gathering
He gave you a Gift ..."
Love and Death
Through lonely night   
by Tumelo John Molahlehi    
"Death collides with a little boy without a father
But a mom without being married ..."
Love and Death
All Alone   
by Laura Megan Spurlock    
"When I am all alone, there is this feeling,
A feeling of emptiness ..."
Love and Death
Tears Fall   
by Natalie Marie Onken    
"Tears fall and emotions flow
for our friend whom we didn't want to go. ..."
Love and Death
Five Words   
by Bella Diosa    
"I opened my eyes and a new day began
Not only a new day, but a new love as well ..."
Love and Death
Losing But Holding On   
by Nichelle Renee` Randle    
"Here today, gone tomorrow,
Leaving us in nothing but pain and sorrow. ..."
Love and Death
That Day   
by Che'La Shanee Gray    
"The day you died,
I cried. ..."
Love and Death
by Jester    
"I need her now,
More then ever. ..."
Love and Death
He Died Last Night   
by Katreana D 59    
"My Heart Is Barely Beating,
My Face Is Tear-Stained, ..."
Love and Death
The Hardest Thing   
by Amanda Brooke Smith    
"My grandmother is lying in front of me, dying
I don't know how to deal with this ..."
Love and Death
The Loss of a Best Friend   
by Gypsie Hope Matthews    
"A true best friend is what she was,
a young girl maybe naive to the world... ..."
Love and Death
Forever Lost   
by J. Waller    
"Holding you hand, touching you face,
a dream never again to be dreamt. ..."
Love and Death
The Secret   
by Megan Lynn Robertson    
"it sucked everything out of me
my entire life, as it deadened my soul ..."
Love and Death
by Jaclyn Faye McGee    
"Looking out the window
Tears streaming down my cheeks ..."
Love and Death
3 years ago...   
by mIssA    
"3years ago...
We said... "see ya later." ..."
Love and Death
My Love, My Death   
by Hackett83    
"I love you more than anything,
I miss you everyday. ..."
Love and Death
His Last Breath   
by Shawn R Yourich    
"Guardian angels,
Are they even real? ..."
Love and Death
Waiting for Us   
by Tonese Rene Reed    
"She’s looking out from Heaven
Watching over us ..."
Love and Death
by filipino flip    
"Beauty met beauty,
layed then comfort in eyes of yours, ..."
Love and Death
Be In Your Heart   
by Dana Anderson    
"You are my everything.
I think you understand, ..."
Love and Death
I'm Right Here   
by James L. McHenry    
"When tomorrow starts without me, I am not there for you to see
When the sun comes up to rise, wipe those tears from your eyes ..."
Love and Death
Did She Know   
by Pamela Dianna Eskridge    
"Did she know I loved her so
I never thought she'd be the first to go. ..."
Love and Death

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