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Already in Love   
by Blonde Astronaut    
"It's not that I don't like you,
I do, don't get me wrong. ..."
Love Triangle
What you want   
by Maranda Gale Martin    
"I find myself scared now
Scared you'll go away ..."
Love Triangle
by hay 2000    
"As the night falls, I lay down and wonder what's going on with you.
Why do you have to play with me? ..."
Love Triangle
A Hopeful Love...   
by Alexis Diane Marrero    
"From across the room he smiles,
his eye catches mine. ..."
Love Triangle
I wanted   
by Cora Marie Lagomarsino    
"I wanted....
you to say you loved me. ..."
Love Triangle
In Between   
by Arturo Junior Valdivia    
"In between two lovers is what I'm in.
Thinkin' in my room is where I've been. ..."
Love Triangle
"You are so fair,
you are so fine, ..."
Love Triangle
Caught in the Middle of two Worlds   
by Christian Carrazco    
"Iím caught in the middle of two worlds,
YET, I can only go in one direction. ..."
Love Triangle
She Took Him Back   
by Brittney Renee W.    
"Do you ever wonder what would happen
if tomorrow never came? ..."
Love Triangle
What You Want   
by nikki lynn parker    
"what is it that i feel for you?
is it love or could it be desire? ..."
Love Triangle
by PAULA SUE    
Love Triangle
by MaTtY LiNdElL    
"When you feel like the same
sex is taking your loved one ..."
Love Triangle
Love Triangle   
by Tal Bri Mayhugh    
"This love triangle we are in has to stop now.
You tell me you love me but u are also with her. ..."
Love Triangle
For you..... good-bye   
by Crystal M Laskowski    
"Let me tell you what I want to say
Before you walk away ..."
Love Triangle
What My Heart Tells Me   
by Tonese Rene Reed    
"Wanting his love
crying out to the stars ..."
Love Triangle
I'm sorry...   
by Lyndsey Higginbotham    
"I am so very sorry I act the way I do
towards you... ..."
Love Triangle
I Stayed With Neither Side   
by Michelle Majalca    
"I stayed with neither side because of my stupid pride
I wouldn't call it pride ..."
Love Triangle
Me, You, and Her   
by Bug    
"I let you convince me
That all you said was true ..."
Love Triangle
Two Guys, One Girl   
by Allison L. Dufour    
"As I walked down a road, it suddenly divided into two
I was faced with an important decision and didn't know what to do. ..."
Love Triangle
My Endless Love... But You're Not Mine   
by Bernadeth Arrogancia    
"How many nights that I can't sleep
How many tears I cried ..."
Love Triangle
by IRENE JILL heart_therapy aka IJE    
......How did I take it? ..."
Love Triangle
One more night   
by Lizette Y. Liendo    
"Just lying here without you
feeling the empty side of the bed, ..."
Love Triangle
You Love Her?   
by Aimee    
"You finally found your girlfriend
the one you love to love, ..."
Love Triangle
I Thought I Knew   
by Echo Mercedes Carter    
"I thought I knew love,
and then I found you. ..."
Love Triangle

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