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Love Past
For Matthew Fragnito   
by Lexy Delaine    
"All I am left with is a friend,
Now that our relationship has come to an end. ..."
Love Past
Colors of my heart   
by Lauren Angel    
"when you came
the walls of my heart ..."
Love Past
My Broken Heart   
by Elyse Anne Nepa    
"As i sit here alone in my room
wishing for you to come, save my broken heart ..."
Love Past
What If?   
by Heather S    
"I've been playing this game lately.
It's called the what if game. ..."
Love Past
All I Do   
by McCall Ashley Lewis    
"I wept for days,
All I could do is sit here and pray, ..."
Love Past
I Loved You   
by Lil Chya    
"I loved you like no other love,
but did you love me the same, ..."
Love Past
by crazyforu    
"Want to go crazy;
Never been before. ..."
Love Past
The Way   
by mai tran    
"The way you touch me, feels so right
I just wish you were here tonight ..."
Love Past
SeCoND ThougHts   
by Kristine-Mae Vilar    
"I said to myself a thousand times
That I deserve the best. ..."
Love Past
by Brenda Lee Amyx    
"There you are
Holding her hand ..."
Love Past
You're Everything   
by Alaina Murphy    
"Everything I've done has been for you.
Every tear I've shed, and every frown I've worn. ..."
Love Past
Once and A while   
by Kathleen M Harmon    
"Once in awhile
I sit here and smile, ..."
Love Past
There was an US   
by Jeremy Marsillo    
"There was an us, but now it's me & you,
since the day we split, I've been so sad and blue. ..."
Love Past
Did he care???   
by Kayla Sweetbabygurl    
"It was hard when he left,
but I guess it didn't really bother me. ..."
Love Past
Angel of Mine   
by LeRoN Makis LeRoN    
"I fell in love with an Angel
Love Past
Starring you   
by Renier Henning    
"I'm sitting at the window
gazing at the stars. ..."
Love Past
Mostly Missing   
by Hannah Kay Wilhelm    
"I miss your touch, your gentle embrace,
The beautiful smile upon your face. ..."
Love Past
My thoughts   
by Cayla rose Stewart    
" I don't want to rest.
I want to stay in your arms forever. ..."
Love Past
by Stacey P. Wilson    
"She was staring out the window
Thinking 'bout the life she's led ..."
Love Past
Right Before My Eyes   
by Mallisa Maradith Goins    
" Painfully to my suprise
My love was gone ..."
Love Past
I Loved You   
by Denise M Valentine    
"I loved you tightly
I loved you lightly ..."
Love Past
Hold my heart   
by Elizabeth Ashley Flame    
"Ever since you left I was told to just hang on
But nothing seems the same since you've been gone ..."
Love Past
Still I Find You   
by Devilman    
"Why do I feel this way
When it's been so long? ..."
Love Past

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