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My Desire   
by Bhisma Upreti    
"My desire
Is to hold you before my eyes… ..."
Love Offered
by Marvin Wayne Wooten    
" there are many types of lovers
those who share things with all others ..."
Love Offered
through to you...   
by stephanie nicole phillips    
"Sometimes i stare out my window,
wondering what you're doing, ..."
Love Offered
Let me help you   
by Shari L Brady    
"Can't you see that what you are doing is wrong
Please accept my help and don't wait too long ..."
Love Offered
I Pinky Promise   
by Lauren Jean Mulkerrins    
"Hold me next to you all through the night
We'll lie at ease as we prepare for sleep ..."
Love Offered
Pushed Away   
by Alex Douangdara    
"You're pushing me away like you hate me
You know I want you to be happy ..."
Love Offered
Take my hand   
by Oscar Gwelo    
"And let us go, baby;
for sweet Sunset spoke in pain: ..."
Love Offered
A Love Poem   
by Kate Richardson    
"if you'll gently hold my hand
and guide me along the way ..."
Love Offered
Apart From the Rest   
by Raquel Miranda    
"you write to me about dreams of me
but to me you are the dream ..."
Love Offered
a night of silence   
by christopher andwer mark west    
Explain the night of silence. ..."
Love Offered
My Promise   
by Tom Morgan    
"I promise that I'll always love you
And I'll never break your heart ..."
Love Offered
sit & lay   
by baby marie gurl    
" I sit I lay
just thinking about the day we`ll be together. ..."
Love Offered
Blinded By Broken Hearts   
by Cory Lee Singleton    
"You look around the world for someone to care
Your feelings have been hurt and that’s not fair ..."
Love Offered
I Wanna...   
by Chris A    
"I wanna hold you in my arms
so i know that your safe. ..."
Love Offered
by Dartherino    
"Anytime that the nights become long and scary
And there's a spider in the corner with legs so hairy ..."
Love Offered
by Andrew N/A Dark Knight    
"Wait! Listen
Love Offered
Forbidden Fruit   
by Christine Sue Fellows    
"I've waited all my life it seems,
To know a love like this; ..."
Love Offered
Some guy   
by Mox    
"It seems you’ve left me
That you have ..."
Love Offered
cloudy skies   
by william lee fenhouse    
"through cloudy skies
and stormy nights ..."
Love Offered
The River and The Sea   
by Chris ten joe    
"Here come the "River Me"
Seeking permission to flow into the "You Sea" ..."
Love Offered
Hard to get   
by Sasha Jazmin Curtis    
"I know you wanna get with me because you said you do
but now that you know I feel the same, you start to act brand new ..."
Love Offered
That Special Someone   
by babyblu    
"You are that special one for me
you're the only one i want to see ..."
Love Offered
Love Offered
You’re the cause ~ I’m the effect   
by Deidre Love Graham    
"I can’t even count how many times I tried to fight it.
I fought against it, with it, for it, ..."
Love Offered

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