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by Contasha May    
"From the first day you came in my life,
you were there by my side, ..."
Love Fantasy
Fly High With Our Shooting Star   
by Neacy Star    
"I wish upon a star
I wish it will fly far ..."
Love Fantasy
by Cryptic    
"You're the missing part of me
the only one my heart can see ..."
Love Fantasy
I had this dream ..."
Love Fantasy
by Robin Nicole Hoffman    
" Sometimes I wonder, are you thinking of me.
I wonder, in three months where will we be? ..."
Love Fantasy
For You and I   
by Baby Blue Eyes    
"For you and I, the midnight sky holds a place,
A place where we take a break from our lives' fast pace. ..."
Love Fantasy
The look of love   
by megan ripstra thrum    
"This the desired path I follow,
To my lover of tomorrow. ..."
Love Fantasy
Forest of Dreams   
by Karl    
"It took place in a forest
It was just for us ..."
Love Fantasy
by Boris Boki Radickovic    
"Sitting all alone
In a silence of the dark ..."
Love Fantasy
by Susan Carol Kleinhans    
"Eager for a drop of love!!
Only misery rained down from above! ..."
Love Fantasy
by Agata Satora    
"When Iím with you, you always make me smile
Knowing the right words to say whenever Iím sad ..."
Love Fantasy
Amazing Gaze   
by William Scott Mueller    
"Into your soul I gaze in amazement
Within I see the red taillights of the days ending ..."
Love Fantasy
by shortybelle    
"If there was a way to make it clear to you how I feel inside...
I'd bring you the stars & moon, if you'd let me by your side. ..."
Love Fantasy
What If   
by Jerry Lee Purvis    
"What If...
Love Fantasy
I Am Needing You Here   
by Halley D. Gilio    
"Hold me in your arms
and tell me that everything ..."
Love Fantasy
I love   
by phillip guzman    
"I love the way you make me feel,
hearts circle around my head, ..."
Love Fantasy
One Sweet Day I'll Have You   
by Brandy Elizabeth Shields    
"I envision you in my dreams
You never leave my thoughts ..."
Love Fantasy
The Beautiful Maiden   
by pamela rose hendren    
"The beautiful maiden waited for her lover
in the silent hush of the sunset. ..."
Love Fantasy
A Look   
by Michelle aka Pinke from Frisco    
"The faces seem too lovely
A fuller careless look ..."
Love Fantasy
My Angel   
by Michelle Raquel De La Rosa    
"My love for you
is like a dying rose. ..."
Love Fantasy
Love is a Feeling   
by Robert Martin Aguirre    
"Love is a Feeling about that special someone,
who you really care about, ..."
Love Fantasy
Window to the Heart   
by Elizabeth C. Landrum    
"There is no color to make me happy, no sun to brighten my day,
no music to make me dance, no love to make me smile. ..."
Love Fantasy
I' m Petrified   
by Ralph Lamarr Clark    
" The most beautiful girl
I've ever seen, ..."
Love Fantasy
by Ekatherina Michon    
"I see in you my mirror image,
so close to me you are; ..."
Love Fantasy

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